How ‘Bout We Share a Blooper?

We are excited to join the blogging community! Up until now, Facebook was our only means for keeping our fans updated. We are excited now to be able to share more details and stories from our shooting projects. 2012 is shaping up to be a great year, as we are also launching a new website, adding Twitter to the mix and working with more wonderful new clients. And what’s a photography blog without a photo?!


We decided to pull out a blooper to share with you. Now this is a photo that would not make the cut. Do you notice who the bride is? It’s me, Nadine. I got married last July! And the talented image-catcher is the lovely Michelle.


We had asked my great sport of a husband to do a leprechaun heel click. Unfortunately, he looks like he’s going to take out my knee instead, as I clutch my dress and try to back away!



If we are covering your wedding this year, we challenge you to make this look better. In the mean time, we invite you to stop by our site, Facebook page or Twitter to say hello!

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