Courtney and Scott Wedding

We have been so excited to blog about this getaway wedding. Courtney and Scott rented the entire Dolphins Resort in Campbell River, B.C. for their family and friends. Stunning ocean scenery. Rustic charm. Intimate setting. Nothing could be more perfect. So much love and happiness was felt for this wonderful couple. We loved everything about their celebration, from the gorgeous décor to their first look to the adorable favours. Have a look at their special day.

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  1. by Auntie Diana on July 17, 2012  7:32 pm Reply

    Those pictures are simply lovely --what a beautiful bride-our Courtney?!!!
    Such a great assortment and it showed everyone enjoying such a good time -- the group pics are great of everyone!! Courtney and Scott with perpetual smiles all that weekend--who could ask for more?
    Love ya!!

  2. by Susan Erickson on July 17, 2012  8:21 pm Reply

    beautiful photos, I am the Mother of the Groom, there was one picture I would have liked to be able to view, of me and Scott, is it somewhere else.

    other than that, Gorgeous, pictures, well done!


  3. by Nadina on July 20, 2012  5:47 pm Reply

    My heart is so full it made me feel like I was there. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! Abundant Blessings Courtney and Scott!
    A beautiful place, space, family, friends, and generations of LOVE!

    I would love to see some pictures with your Moms, Dads, Grandmother........Aunts.....
    Perhaps in another album......I know how excited they were about the wedding when they were at our Show!

    Much Love to all,
    The pictures are simply lovely
    Nadina and Maarten

  4. by Heather on August 14, 2012  3:19 am Reply

    Simply beautiful... the photos will stimulate your memories of your special day for a lifetime.

    All the best,

    Love Heather

  5. by Donna Wilson on August 14, 2012  4:07 pm Reply

    Thanks for sending these photos. I'm sitting in my office all by myself and it sure brightened my day.

    I hope you and Scott can come back soon.


  6. by Linda Johnstone :) on December 18, 2012  6:53 pm Reply

    Courtney - these are absolutely beautiful pics. Your Mum sent them to me. I love how happy you and your husband are - congratulations. I loved all the special touches too ! All the best as you share your life together - what a great Christmas you will have this year, eh! Take good care and keep smilin. Love, hugs and fond aloha, Linda Johnstone :)

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