Vivian and Greg’s Wedding

We are excited to share some highlights from Vivian and Greg’s special day. A truly great couple to work with – we enjoyed shooting every moment of their wedding from the beautiful sunny ocean-side ceremony to an intimate tea ceremony full of hugs and laughter.

Wishing this awesome duo the best on their new journey together! Enjoy the photos :).


VG_Wedding_Victoria01 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria02 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria03 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria04 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria05 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria06 copy  
  VG_Wedding_Victoria08 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria09 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria10 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria11 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria12 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria13 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria14 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria15 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria16 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria17 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria18 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria19 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria20 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria21 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria22 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria23 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria24 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria25 copy   VG_Wedding_Victoria26 copy       VG_Wedding_Victoria27 copy

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