That moment
when you jitter with excitement and your friend squeezes your hand
when you look into the love of your life’s eye and plant a kiss on their cheek
when you laugh so hard that tears come out.

It is moments like these that make us love our work. We collaborate. We tell your story. We work hard at every shoot and give it everything we have. We run our business with lots of passion, creativity and laughs. If you’re looking for photographers who can capture your story in a way that is simply you, get in touch.  We would love to work with you.

Michelle Cho

After receiving the gift of a small pink plastic Kodak camera at age 7, I was hooked on seeing the world through a rectangle and using light to paint my words. Focusing my photography profession on weddings, boudoir and commercial photography, I’ve been capturing all kinds of beauty over the last 10 years. I have an active imagination and am in love with story-telling, finding inspiration through travelling the world and meeting wonderful people. Guilty pleasures include potato chips, coffee, people watching and taking out more library books than I can read! My favourite part of the work is getting to meet all types of amazing people and cherishing every minute of joy, creativity and collaboration that I share with them.


Nadine Wallace (née Trinh)

Meeting new people and learning something about them has always been something I love to do. I’m a photographer and a communicator. Whether it’s a photograph or an article, I’m always excited to capture and share a special part of my subject with the world. Photography and writing have allowed me to connect with so many lovely and interesting characters. I’m thrilled to share my passion with my awesome shooting partner Michelle and together be able to document wonderful moments for our clients.